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Antique Buying Tips

antique persian rug

antique persian rugIn a world of fast fashion and style, more and more people nowadays are choosing timeless classics. Antique buying is a popular trend these days and it’s not surprising why; vintage pieces like poison ring or an antique Persian rug offer value and beauty that modern-day products simply cannot provide.

However, buying antiques is not an easy task as you have to take several things into consideration. Whether you are a keen coin collector or you are looking for a timeless Tiffany lamp, following are some tips that will help you have a better antique buying experience:


Do Your Research
No matter what type of antique item you wish to buy, there are usually a wide variety of choices available. So, it is important that you do some research before you set out to find the perfect piece. For instance, if you are looking to buy an antique Persian rug, start by studying and learning about the period of Persian rugs that you like. That way, you can understand the various qualities and characteristics of rugs from that period. This will help you determine what details to pay attention to when you find a piece you like.

poison ringInquire and Inspect
When you purchase vintage items, you should be ready to physically handle and inspect an item. This can help you learn about the condition of the item or signs of its authenticity. It would also be a good idea to ask the seller about any signs of restoration or damage. If you do not ask about it or you do not spot it yourself, the seller probably has no obligation to be open about it. In a nutshell, you can avoid overpaying for that antique poison ring by collecting as much information about it as possible.

Focus on Form and Function
Think aesthetics and function and don’t get caught up in the collectibles or ‘named’ items where pricing can skyrocket. If the item has both function and style that you desire, then it is good investment. In addition to the form and function of the vintage piece, the only thing you should consider is that you love the item. If that is case and the product is in your budget, purchase it.

poison ring Ask for a Receipt
Regardless of whether you pay with a check or cash, it is highly recommended that you always ask for a receipt from your purchase. Things listed on the receipt should include the item’s age or era, it’s condition, it’s value, and any damage or restoration. This will give you chain of custody in case you ever think about reselling the piece.

Buy from Reputable Sellers
This is particularly important when you purchase antiques online, but it can also definitely apply when you go to antique fairs or flea markets. Always purchase vintage items from sellers who have a good reputation, who can provide ample information about the item, and who have positive reviews from buyers.

Buying antiques requires a lot of effort, but it is worth the energy and time. The above-listed tips will help make the process a bit less stressful for you.

What to Do after Slipping and Falling on a Rug at a Business Property?

antique rugs

If a person falls and hurts him or her at any business, they can sue the firm. All they have to do is find a lawyer and get the compensation for the loss of their wages, or the physical and mental suffering, they face.

You need to prove the fault of that property owner. Here are the steps to claim your rightful dues and compensations.

1.Get First Aid: Immediately after falling down the antique rugs, get the first medical aid. The doctor will give you a written prescription for any diagnosis too. You might have a light scratch or possibly a slight injury, but it is necessary to get the physician to look you up.find a lawyer

2.Visit the Site of Accident: It is vital to know what caused the accident. Was it the presence of frayed antique rugs or a loose floorboard, or even water or broken concrete or tile flooring? Take a photograph of the spot right at the time of an accident if you can, and this will be vital as a piece of evidence in the court of law.

3.Find Witnesses: Seek the name, address, and phone numbers of those present during the time of an accident. Make sure to write down, specifically if anyone nearby saw you fall or not. They will only need to speak up if the property owner denies any such incident at all.

4.Get the Right Paperwork: On falling down the steps or in the hallway of a store, make sure to write a report to the store authorities. If any employee states that there were previous incidents of slip and fall here, write it down. This will be helpful to prove your accident when you find a lawyer.

antique rugs5.Be Cautious of Your Words: As you recover or even in the hospital, chances are there of the business’ representative insurance agents or lawyers contacting you. They will try to pay you as little amount as compensation, depending on what you say. Do not be rude, but be cautious of the words you speak. If in doubt, consult your slip and fall attorney.

Find a lawyer who specializes in slip and fall and give all the pieces of evidence you have collected to him or her. The attorney will take care of the details for you and help you get suitable compensation from the business.

History of Persian Rugs

Persian Rug

Persian rugs are an excellent way to add a little oriental flare to your home and will certainly be a talking point amongst all your visitors and guests, as these rugs invoke a sense of culture and art in people. The tradition of Persian rugs for sale is an interesting one, which is weaved in history.

The history of Persian rugs and carpets can be followed back through over 2,500 years of history. Evidence suggests that the tradition of Persian rug making is even older than this. However, it is not common for archaeologists to find rugs of this age because the materials that are commonly used e.g. wool, silk, and cotton are prone to decay.

The earliest known Persian rug was discovered in the tomb of an ancient Scythian prince in the Pazyryk Valley, situated in the Siberian Altai Mountain range. The Pazyryk rug depicts Persian horsemen and deer inlaid onto a decorative backdrop. The rug is deep red in color. According to scientific carbon dating, this specific carpet was from as early as 5th century BC, however, the advanced rug weaving skills that are evident in the rug suggest that the technique and design had already been evolving for hundreds of years. This find was particularly significant as it is very rare to find rugs of this age and size which are still intact enough to analyze.

According to historical sources, the courts of rulers like Cyrus the Great of Persia (c. 559 – 530 BC) were decorated with such rugs (e.g. blue Persian rug), which were constantly admired by visiting emissaries. Eyewitness descriptions and painting suggest that carpets adorned the walls in addition to the floor. This suggests that it was common practice to line the gigantic tombs of deceased rulers with luxury Persian rugs.

Commercial trade in Persian rugs for sale began to take off because of the increasing demand from the 8th century onwards. Designs ranged from tiny prayer mats to medium size blue Persian rug to full sized carpets, these rugs became increasingly popular items as Muslim traditions started to take hold across the region. Luxury Persian rugs for sale were also used to decorate prayer areas and mosques. The trade in old style Persian rugs was briefly halted in the 13th century by the Mongol invasion of Iran.

Persian Rug

In the 16th and 17th century, Persian rugs began to gain popularity in the West thanks to the international trade routes that started to develop. Sub-regions of Persia started to develop their own unique patterns and styles of weaving. While patterns containing people and animals remained popular in the East, geometric designs gained a lot of popularity in the Western countries.

The mid-19th century rejuvenated the art form by bringing about the foreign investment. This resulted in improvements in dyes as well as easier transport of the Persian rugs. Today, the most expensive, valued, and stylish rugs (e.g. blue Persian rug) in the world remain in good condition. Some of these rugs date back to the Safavid era, where the culture and art were valued overall.

Some Rules Of Buying Antique Rugs

Some Rules Of Buying Antique Rugs

Antique or vintage rugs are generally something you see at your grandma’s house and these rugs are gaining a lot of appreciation in the design world. Rugs are being made form the past century for the purpose of providing warmth and character to a modern room. Depending on the quality, vintage rugs can vary in price. Here are some of the commandments you need to follow before buying antique rugs are

Have realistic goals

Even before you start looking for the perfect wig, it is important that you know that you are set to find is real and can be purchased. In the vintage market, the options for antique rugs are unpredictable, so try to be open about what you want.

Antique Rugs

Look for good recommendations

If you want to look for antique rugs, it is up to you that you find a dealer who will be able to give you good item and also make sure that you compare shops and do not hesitate to ask questions. Another most important point is to not bid until the last minute and if you do, you will just contribute to the increasing price of the item.

Try to look for usable rugs

When you are spending the money on rugs, try to look for the wear of the rug. It is difficult to find a vintage rug in perfect condition, which is quite rare to find. There are many inconsistencies when it comes to buying a rug, try looking for all and then decide to buy.

Try to buy rugs which have no loose ends

One of the hardest thing to repair on a vintage rug is when the edges start to unravel. If you see that the rug you are buying has unraveled edges, do not buy it. Instead, wait to spend your hard earned money in something that will last you for a while.

Look for a handmade sign

If you are looking for something which requires an artists touch, then definitely look for handmade sign. Handmade rugs are woven on a loom and consists of the same design in the front and the back.


Seek for quality materials

A good rug is made from quality materials. Although it might look plain and simple, it is much better than artificial materials. An artificial material comes from materials that are easy to destroy. One easy test to determine if you have the original antique rug, pull a strand from the rug and burn it if it burns like a hair and produces the same smell you have an original piece.

Clean the rug properly

The general rule of thumb is to clean your rug every 3-5 years. Investigate first if you have to handwash it or get it washed by professional. Also, avoid situations where your rug is exposed to direct sunlight and don put a pot on the rug as it might cut as the mud and bacteria might cut a hole in your mat.

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