Some Rules Of Buying Antique Rugs

Some Rules Of Buying Antique Rugs

Antique or vintage rugs are generally something you see at your grandma’s house and these rugs are gaining a lot of appreciation in the design world. Rugs are being made form the past century for the purpose of providing warmth and character to a modern room. Depending on the quality, vintage rugs can vary in price. Here are some of the commandments you need to follow before buying antique rugs are

Have realistic goals

Even before you start looking for the perfect wig, it is important that you know that you are set to find is real and can be purchased. In the vintage market, the options for antique rugs are unpredictable, so try to be open about what you want.

Antique Rugs

Look for good recommendations

If you want to look for antique rugs, it is up to you that you find a dealer who will be able to give you good item and also make sure that you compare shops and do not hesitate to ask questions. Another most important point is to not bid until the last minute and if you do, you will just contribute to the increasing price of the item.

Try to look for usable rugs

When you are spending the money on rugs, try to look for the wear of the rug. It is difficult to find a vintage rug in perfect condition, which is quite rare to find. There are many inconsistencies when it comes to buying a rug, try looking for all and then decide to buy.

Try to buy rugs which have no loose ends

One of the hardest thing to repair on a vintage rug is when the edges start to unravel. If you see that the rug you are buying has unraveled edges, do not buy it. Instead, wait to spend your hard earned money in something that will last you for a while.

Look for a handmade sign

If you are looking for something which requires an artists touch, then definitely look for handmade sign. Handmade rugs are woven on a loom and consists of the same design in the front and the back.


Seek for quality materials

A good rug is made from quality materials. Although it might look plain and simple, it is much better than artificial materials. An artificial material comes from materials that are easy to destroy. One easy test to determine if you have the original antique rug, pull a strand from the rug and burn it if it burns like a hair and produces the same smell you have an original piece.

Clean the rug properly

The general rule of thumb is to clean your rug every 3-5 years. Investigate first if you have to handwash it or get it washed by professional. Also, avoid situations where your rug is exposed to direct sunlight and don put a pot on the rug as it might cut as the mud and bacteria might cut a hole in your mat.